A downloadable game for Android

(Note: This is a prototype in early development, so expect - quite a few - bugs)

Currently only available for Android.

Play with a friend as a Viking Warrior and defend your village from raiders! Each player gets one Tower, and can move them around the map as they wish.

  • 2 Players, 2 Towers, plenty of enemies!
  • Move your tower around and defend your village from the waves of enemies
  • Use the Workshop to load your Tower with one of three types of Ammo
  • Collect Beer and use it to Upgrade your Character Stats or your Tower Stats inside the Workshop

Note: For now, there's only a co-op focused level. If you play it solo, Immortal Mode will be enabled so you can still experience the game even without a friend.


  • Bruno Paese
  • Mayara Cechinatto


  • Anderson Pilati (Enemies and Tower)
  • Bruno Paese (Everything else)


  • Anderson Pilati (Music, Sound Effects, the whole package)

If you like what you see, please notify us that you'd like to donate as we don't have any payment method configured yet. Also, any feedback is appreciated!

Inspired by TowerBag (by MatheusCunegato)


ForvaraValhalla.apk 24 MB


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Great work!

I loved, keep up!

Thanks! Will do!